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In the city of Leoben/Styria the owners Stadtwerke Leoben/Verbund AHP build a new Small Hydropower Station. The development and construction for the two radial gates with flape gates were delivered.
radial gate width : approx. 14,5m
radial gate heigth : approx. 5,7m
width of the flap gate : approx. 12,4m
heigth of the flap gate : approx. 3,2m
total heigth : 8,9m
HPP Leoben01.jpg
Assembly of the flap gate at the erection site
HPP Leoben06.jpg
Finished assembly of the radial gate with flap gate at the erection site
HPP Leoben02.jpg KW Leoben04.jpg KW Leoben05.jpg
The river passes the radial gates.
KW Leoben18.jpg KW Leoben19.jpg KW Leoben20.jpg
After completion of the Hydropower plant.

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